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CoolRoof are suppliers of flexible photovoltaic solar energy systems suitable for a wide range of business sectors and applications.

We market innovative photovoltaic panels to expand the scope of their applicability to business sectors where weight, flexibility and efficiency are fundamental requirements

Our light weight thin solar panels are particularly suited to use with electric mobility, off-grid power generation and for integrating in the production of roofing and cladding panels for building integrated architectural design.  The products’ characteristics make them suitable for retrofitting on many types of vehicles, existing buildings and infrastructure.



The product solutions we offer are based on the principle of ‘cradle to cradle’ design wherever possible. We don’t promote environmental solutions just because it is the ‘right thing to do’ but also because they are cost effective against conventional power and environmental charges.

In general terms our flexible solar panel solutions provide:-

  • Savings in weight so broadening the opportunities for the use of solar energy in conventional construction, relocatable buildings, marquees and tents, transportation and utilities.
  • Savings in attachment methods so reducing installation time and costs.
  • Savings in transport and handling costs so reducing fuel and labour costs.
  • Improved aesthetics through BIPV so enhancing public acceptance.
  • Providing shade, waterproofing and energy capture in one product.

These advantages are supported by performance consistent with high output efficiency associated with quality conventional glass panels.

We offer complete accessories for grid or off-grid attachment.


bus-customers symbolCUSTOMERS

We are business to business (B2B) company and are solution driven to solve customer needs. The CoolRoof flexible light solar cell panel range is marketed to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) for incorporation into integrated photovoltaic product solutions. It also offered to designers and architects for specification. Retrofit options incorporating appropriate attachment methods are available for most applications and offered to clients and contractors. Our photovoltaic shading and awning range is marketed at the leisure and discerning home owner sectors. Contact us to arrange an initial consultation. Thereafter we will prepare a specification and budget pricing. Trial applications can be arranged where appropriate. Specific product training is provided in all cases. Some of our portable solar solutions can also be leased. We trade in the United Kingdom and internationally.

sun symbolSOLAR INFO

Solar panels have been in commercial production for over 60 years. They came to prominence with their use in space exploration in the 1970s. Escalating carbon fuel prices help to trigger demand and supply of solar panels as a mainstream form of alternative energy. Demand continues to grow due to proven performance and ever increasing performance. You may be surprised to find that there is more than sufficient solar radiation falling on the UK to justify the investment in pv panels. Some very useful data is available at the Solar Farm at Sheffield University where we have had a flexible thin film panel supplied by Fuji Industries on test for some time. This is the same material used as a waterproofing solar collector in our pv awning range Click Here


Our range of solar cells has been developed to reflect the different areas of use as shown on this site. The efficiencies range from 14-23%. Typically the higher efficiency cells are used where space is at a premium such as transportation and lower yield where there is large space such as roofs of factories and other commercial buildings. To ensure that quoted efficiency levels are achievable, design of the proposed system should be carefully considered. We offer full guidance support for all proposed applications. Researchers are constantly trying to improve cell efficiency and there are some promising new technologies in the area of nano materials being investigated which we are monitoring.

Panel thickness only


80% lighter
than the weight of
solar panels