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The UK government’s Solar PV Strategy Part 1 : Roadmap to a Brighter Future (October 2013) sets out clear markers for the widespread deployment of solar energy technologies with the caveat that ‘big ambition must also be matched by a much greater sensitivity to impacts on landscape, visual amenity and biodiversity’.

The UK commercial property sector alone is valued at over £740 billion with potentially millions of m² available for solar pv application. The viability of using solar energy technologies in a particular location is dependent on a number of factors such as historic annual irradiance levels, aspect, shading and building suitability.

CoolRoof thin film solar panels by the very nature of being ultra lightweight are best suited to buildings which:-

  • Have restrictions on additional loads due to their design
  • Have flat surfaces such as metal panel roofs or flat roofs without the need to penetrate the roof or create mounting systems
  • Polycarbonate surfaces
  • Glazed surfaces
  • Curved surfaces
  • Require high aesthetic considerations

Part of the CoolRoof approach is to consider the optimal performance of the solar panel in relation to the substrate to which it is applied. Solar panel and tile performance is affected by surface temperatures. These temperatures in turn may impact on the buildings performance. For instance considering a PV panel installation on a dark coloured poorly insulated roof is likely to be highly ineffective in several ways. We offer specific guidance to clients on optimising suitability for the use of CoolRoof photovoltaic solar panels for the particular project in mind.


  • Electrical generation consistent with glass panels
  • Weight at less than 20% of glass panels
  • High aesthetic value either through integration or retrofit
  • Durability and warranties consistent with glass panels


CoolRoof flexible solar panels are marketed to building material producers of cladding and roofing systems and to qualified accredited Solar PV panel installers. These select companies are trained in the design, application and maintenance of CoolRoof flexible and thin film solar panels.

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