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The use of alternative and renewable energy in remote buildings and infrastructure is starting to become common place, either in support of a diesel generator or more commonly as a direct replacement. The cost of PV solar cells and panels has dropped considerably over the past few years while the global rise in the price of fossil fuels has continued and this has made photovoltaic solar panels both an attractive and viable alternative energy source.

This cost is magnified if fuel has to transported long distances.

The advantages of a photovoltaic solar panel diesel hybrid system are clear despite their higher initial capital costs. Typical paybacks range from 4 to 6 years depending upon system size and location. In addition PV is easily scalable to meet future energy demands in this type of application.

Substantial fuel savings are achieved through use of solar power when loads are high or to reduce the use of diesel generation. Developments in long life high storage battery technology is allowing for excess energy generated by the solar panels to be used at night or dark days. Optimal use of solar energy instead of diesel power is controlled by intelligent management systems. These can be monitored using GPRS.

CoolRoof flexible solar panels bring clear advantages to applications in the off-grid market including:-

Lightweight farm buildings

  • Solar panels are suitable for modular attachment to the supporting frames of corrugated roofs and facades
  • Solar panels can be integrated as part of a roof replacement on any type of farm building
  • The flexible nature and light weight of our thin film solar panels means that they can be easily integrated into the structures, cladding and roofs of new farm buildings

Conservatories and greenhouses

  • As a direct application to existing glazing
  • Replacement solar PV modules into glazing bars
  • New integrated applications

Temporary structures

  • Thin solar panels can be easily incorporated into tensile membranes and other light weight coverings
  • The light weight and versatility of our flexible solar panels means that they can be easily transferred between different structures
  • Robust build quality ensures that our solar panels are suitable for use in hiring

Telecom transmission stations

  • Flexible solar panels can be applied as lightweight cladding to existing transmission towers.
  • As the solar panels form part of the structure they cannot easily be stolen and therefore offer greater security and reduced maintenance costs over standard glass solar panels.

Some of the above applications can also incorporate micro wind generation. CoolRoof provides a complete package for off grid photovoltaic solar power generation systems. This typically includes CoolRoof flexible or lightweight modular flat solar panels, attachment kits, intelligent solar management controls and battery storage.



  • Suitable for applications where previously the only way to consider PV solar panels was ground mounting
  • Lower fuel costs
  • Minimises CO2 emissions
  • Easily transferable and reduces transportation costs
  • May assist in planning applications


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Solar/genset hybrid solutions are
highly competitive compared to
traditional diesel generation.



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