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CoolRoof has developed a trading relationship with leading international producers of flexible PV solar panels. The key requirements in our sourcing of basic components to meet our needs are as follows:-

  • Financial stability and long term commitment of the producer
  • Ethical sourcing of all materials
  • Compliance to relevant quality and approval systems relative to UK market  requirements

CoolRoof supplies two types of lightweight solar panels.


Flexible solar panels 1.5mm thick developed for direct application to continuous surfaces. Methods of attachment are dependent of the specific surface type, temperature variations and optimising panel performance. Methods may range from various forms of part or full surface adhesion and/or mechanical attachment.

Combining the use of lightweight polymer films with the proven technology of crystalline silicone cells is an important development in the use of flexible thin film solar panels. CoolRoof flexible solar panels use polymers which are highly resistance to weathering and impact damage while matching the electrical generation efficiencies of traditional glass solar panels. Furthermore, this flexible solar panel technology has been proven in the harsh environment of ocean yachting.

CoolRoof markets 4 types of thin film flexible solar cells. These are related to market requirements and can be summarised as follows:-

  • SP Series - Premium high efficiency PV cells (23%) for use in small spaces in transportation. Cell size 125mm²
  • SL Series - High efficiency PV cells (18%) as an economic alternative in small spaces in transportation. Cell size 125mm²
  • CP Series – For use in larger spaces in transportation. Similar efficiency to the SL Series. Cell size 156mm²
  • CV Series – For building and infrastructure integration. High efficiency cells (18%). Cell size 156mm²

Thin film photovoltaic cells are manufactured into a wide range of standard flexible solar panel sizes ranging from 50 to 240 watts. In addition we can produce customised solar panels to suit production requirements in BIPV (building integrated photovoltaic).


CoolRoof polycarbonate PV modular thin film solar panels suitable for a wide variety of applications in architecture and other commercial and domestic building/infrastructure applications.

The PC sheet is virtually unbreakable and has excellent thermal, durability and safety properties.  Panels are available in a wide range of sizes, colours and configurations.  Panels are designed to fit most standard glazing bars.  Wiring and junction boxes are concealed with in the panels. 


All CoolRoof flexible and lightweight solar panels are available with approved charge controllers, inverters, data loggers and other management systems , and batteries etc. We work with all leading suppliers of solar components.

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